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Literal Libris - A Nonfiction Community
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Welcome to Literal Libris, a community devoted to the nonfiction genre. This community sprung from the head of Zeus was inspired by the apparant lack of forums to discuss, review, and request recommendations for books of a literal nature. We are not antifiction; rather, we seek to encourage nonfiction as the all-too-often underdog of the book world. We beleive that:

1) Nonfiction can be just as enlightening, entertaining, and page-turning as fiction (if executed properly and accompanied by a mug of tea and some of those yummy European shortbread cookies with dark chocolate imprints of little boys with bugles, or spaniels, or now-defunct playthings of a bygone age).

2) Nonfiction is not always true, and it is not always right, but it always has something to tell us. How would we know about the evolution of eggplants, the pagan origins of Easter, the cultural significance of the Coke/Pepsi war, or the private lives of Enron executives without nonfiction?

3) Nonfiction is not just for making impromptu booster seats, or wedging under your card table to make it level, or displaying on your desk to make you look smarter.

Do you agree? Well, come on in! Disagree? It's okay, we've got the perfect recommendation for someone like you; all you need to do is ask.

The Rules: There's a moderation queue for the time being, until the moderator feels more secure in her life and doesn't need to satisfy her emaciated ego with a small semblance of control I see how things are running. Being a grad student, I am constantly seeking sources of procrastination, so nothing will be in the queue for long.

This is`a community for all things related to nonfiction - discussions, solicitations for suggestions, reviews, author inquiries, and the like are all welcome. Please try to keep the use of unhelpful phrases like "this sucks" or "he's a douchebag" to a minimum. If you can't say why something sucks, you probably should go read a Chicken Soup book and leave us all alone, and if you have never actually used an aging historian to flush your nether regions, that would be fiction, not fact, got it?